General FAQ's

  • When will the donation be made to the designated organization/cause ?

    At about 45 days after a memorial tree is cheap cartier replica IWC replica established, the memorial tree will discontinue accepting Wholesale Dolls Tag Heuer replica watches donations. At that point, accounting will be performed and thereplica cartier donation will be submitted Cartier Replica Watches to the designated Rolex Replica Watches organization/cause. best rolex replica

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  • What is

    IMOTree (In Memorial Of Tree) is a convenient and respectful way to pay tribute to a Loved one

    1) Grow a virtual memorial tree for cartier replica cartier replica watches the loved one by purchasing a cheap Panerai replica branch – your name and relationship to the loved one will be displayed on the branch for recognition. 

    2) The memorial tree can be printed or cartier replica cartier replica watches cheap cartier replica stored as a keepsake for the cheap replica watches family.

    3) IMOTree will donate over 70% of the net proceed to a worthy cause designated by the family of the loved one. (An estimated 4-5% credit card processing fee, 25% IMOTree LLC administration fee).

  • How does IMOTree work ?

    1) The family establishes an account for the Loved One at replica watches china the (In Memorial Of Tree) site. (The Funeral Directors can also provide such service).

    2) The family establishes a worthy cause/organization rolex replica rolex fakewhere all Net Donations will be donated to retro toys.

    3) The family establishes a fixed donation cost associatedwithadding each branch (cost may range from $2.00 - $25.00 per branch as desired by the family). Remote Control Drones

    4) Family and friends can luxury replica watches access site and via the "search" or "advanced search" functions, identify the specific Memorial Tree for the Loved One.

    5) Family and friends can view the donors that have paid tribute and  helped grow the Memorial Tree up to cheap cartier replica that point.

    6) Family and friends can add their name(s) and branch(es) to help grow the Memorial Tree.

    7) The fully grown Memorial Tree (100 branches) and up to 5 trees (total 500 branches) can be downloaded and/or printed as a 11x17 photo poster for keepsake by the family.

    8) For detail instruction, please click on "How It Works" on the top Menu Bar.

  • Why should I use IMOTree for paying tribute ?

    IMOTree provides an efficient and onvenient process of growing a keepsake virtual tree for the family while inexpensive drones congregating donations to a worthy cause/organization as designated by the family. The donors name will be displayed on the branch(es) for the family to view iwc replica and treasure.

  • Is my credit card information safe ?

    All payments are processed via PayPal, a separate replica breguet watches and common malaysian body wave weave payment process utilized by many electronic transactions. IMOTree does not see nor keep individual credit card information, or address.

  • What are the benefits of IMOTree ?

    In Memory Of Tree provides the most ecologically green, respectful and efficient manner of relojes replicas paying eternal respect to a loved one. The virtual Memorial Tree will remain as a everlasting tribute for the family. The charitable organization designed by the Loved one or Family will receive the donations for their respective causes.

    Benefits of IMOTree

    1. Grow a virtual Memorial Tree with friends/families names that can be treasured for keepsake purpose.
    2. Each Memorial Tree can be printed as a 11x17” photo quality poster and downloaded to a CD for future viewing Montre Suisse Replique and keepsake purpose.
    3. An online process for friends/relatives to express their support and contributions utilizing the latest technology.
    4. Simplify and congregate individual donations to a meaningful and efficient donation to the charitable organization of choice.

  • How do I establish a Memorial Tree for a Loved One ?

    There are 2 options of creating a Memorial Tree for relojes replicas your Loved One :

    1) Create a Memorial Tree yourself : replica hublot watches

    1. Select "Create/Modify Tree" on the Top Menu bar.
    2. Select "Please create profile" under New Member. 
    3. 1st screen - provide contact information.
    4. 2nd screen - provide Loved One's information for family/friends search purpose.
    5. 2nd screen - provide information of the Organization to receive the net proceeds and the your desired cost of each branch.
    6. 3rd screen - upload optional photo and obituary of the Loved one.
    7. Review and confirm the creation of the Memorial Tree.
    8. You will receive an email that the Memorial Tree is created and Wholesale led light bulbs a link for you to email to family/friends.


    2) Please contact your Funeral Service Director for the detail of establishing a Memorial Tree for your Loved One.

  • Who determines the donation amount for a branch :

    The Family who establish the Memorial Wholesale LED Lights China Tree determines replica horloges the donation amount for each branch. There is  no limit of the number of branches you would like to donate and show your name (s) on the IMOTree.


  • When is my name displayed on the Memorial Tree ?

    Your name (one name per branch) will be updated and displayed on the Memorial Tree deep wave malaysian hair as soon as the credit card transaction is confirmed. The updated Memorial Tree with your name and the number of branches added will be displayed for all to view from that point on.