How it Works - for Account Creator

(No Cost in creating an Account and Setting Up a Memorial Tree)

Click on "Create/Modify Tree" to create a profile.

Go through the three screens to input the information on Account Set Up, Loved One Info and Obituary Info.
The loved one account is set up.

Inform the loved one's relatives and friends about the unique web link of the Memorial Tree in making memorial donation and sending condolence message. "Email a Friend" notification feature is available at various pages. The memorial tree will keep growing by donations to the branches. Each branch will display donor name. Each tree will grow to 100 branches each, and each account can have up to 5 trees. The account will be closed for further donations after 45 days for accounting and submitting the net proceed to the organization of choice.

The account owner can login anytime, up to 150 days from the date of creation to access profile and memorial contribution information.

Click on "Create/Modify Tree" to modify account/
download memorial tree.
There are 5 sections in member account.

Edit Account Profile
- The Account's Memorial Tree Web Link

[Click for step by step instruction]
- Download the Donors' Details
- Download Memorial Tree(s) in PRINT (.pdf) format
- Download Memorial Tree(s) in VIEW (.html) format (with viewable relationship)

Click for screen captured sample:
- in PRINT (.pdf) format
- in VIEW (.html) format (with viewable relationship)

If there is any question, please access FAQ and/or contact us via email at or phone (313) 288-2678.