How it Works - for Donor

Search and access the specific Memorial Tree of the loved one, via Simple Search or Advanced Search options. Select the appropriate name.

The loved one's obituary information is displayed. Click on View Memorial Tree / Add Branches to view the current Memorial Tree and proceed with donation.

Click on Add a branch / Donate to proceed to this donation page by adding branches to the tree and condolence message (optional).

Once the memorial contribution process is completed via PayPal, you will be redirected back to www.IMOTree's payment confirmation page with the location of the donated branches highlighted. The loved one's family will receive an email notification of the memorial contribution and condolence message, if provided.

The memorial tree will display the donor's name at the branch donated for family and friends immediate online viewing.

Addition Information

"Email a Friend" feature to notify the loved one's relatives and friends of the Memorial Contribution is available at various pages.

After the account reaches 45 days and closes for further donations, IMOTree will remit the net memorial contribution to the designated cause chosen by the family.

The family can print the memorial tree up to a poster size of 10" x 17" with all the donor names at the branches; and/or view the donor relationship with the loved one using the files downloaded.